It’s been over 20 years ago when I worked with several different cleaning companies; I realized that several of these companies would advertise what they did not have. With this I would like to say many cleaning companies offer you much more than you receive. They may offer you the best while giving you a very poor service.
As I worked for these companies I was forced to work in a way I knew was not right or satisfactory for the client. That is how in 1995 I decided to start my own company in which I would offer the clients the cleaning they want with the quality I could provide.

To many a cleaning company is just some business or service you could pick up anywhere, but to those who truly love their job it is so much more, it is a profession and I can truly say that I love my profession. With the start of my company I began to look for a name to bestow upon my company.

I originally wanted to name my company Ana’s Cleaning using my first name, but due to the fact that Ana is a very common name other company’s used it.

Thus I named my company Veronica’s Cleaning using my middle name. I am proud to say I still have clients who hired Anver’s Cleaning under its original name.

Being a relatively new company at the time it was very difficult to advertise with a “V” due to 
the fact I was put last in the newspapers since it was in alphabetical order!

I soon realized the name of the company had to be changed, so combining my first and middle name Veronica’s Cleaning turned into ANVER’S PROFESSIONAL CLEANING!

With the help of my husband and the support of my family Anver’s Cleaning has blossomed into the company it is today. Family has been the life line for Anver’s Cleaning since the beginning in 1995.

Our Family owned company will always have the morals and work ethics that our family is based on!

For the last 15 years Anver’s Professional Cleaning has brought smiles upon smiles to dozens and dozens of clients who have looked far and wide for the best cleaning service they could receive! We have turned sceptics into believers, now the question is:
“Are you ready for the best cleaning service you’ve had in years?”.
1.  We are 100%
    committed to you!
2.  We guarantee all of our
3.  Honest, dependable
4.  Safe cleaning
5.  Superior quality
6.  Over 15 years of
7.  Bonded and Insured
8.  Not a franchise,
    family owned
9.  Immediate response to
    your service requests!
10. Pro-active helpful
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"We are not just here to clean your house, we
are here to take care
of your home"
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