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New Construction

Rough cleaning

-  Vacuuming through the entire home
-  Vacuum and hand wipe cabinet, drawers,
   pantry, and closets in/out and on top
-  Vacuum & hand wipe all walls + windows,
   sill, tracks, door tracks, baseboards, door
   frames and doors.
-  Cleaning Windows scrapping remove all
   stickers in/out
-  Remove all light debris & garbage will be
   thrown out.

Extra service

-  Remove heavy debris
-  Any extra touch cleaning
Office Cleaning

-  Clean entry way & glass door
-  Clean all common areas & offices
-  Vacuum/mop floors
-  Dust office computers, printers &
   all office equipment
-  Clean kitchen area, dining room
-  Clean microwave in/out
-  Dispose of all trash & empty/wipe
   clean ash trays
-  Organize magazines, seating area, tidy
   up for a professional presentation
-  Baseboards dusted
-  Remove cobwebs, clean light fixtures
-  Clean fingerprints on walls, clean
   doors, door handles & switches

-  Clean inside/out refrigerator
-  Doors & frames dusted & spot wiped
-  Desk, furniture & chairs dusted/wiped
-  Restroom; re-fill dispensers (paper,
   soap, etc.)
-  Restroom areas toilet, sink & urinal
   clean & disinfect in/out
-  Wall panels wiped & disinfected
-  Floors vacuumed/damp mopping
-  Trash containers emptied & relined
-  Vacuum carpets, area rugs, mats
-  Sweep/mop floors
-  Disinfect drinking fountains
-  Disinfect all door locks
-  Hand wipe vending machines
Final Cleaning

-  Wipe windows
-  Wipe middle track
-  Wipe sill
-  Vacuum light covers
-  Light fixtures vacuumed and hand wiped
-  Wipe electric outlets
-  Fans vacuumed & hand wiped
-  Completely vacuum, scrub and wipe =
   bathrooms tubs, Jacuzzis, sink counter
   tops in/out
-  Completely vacuum scrub and wipe =
   kitchen counter tops, backsplash, sink
   and wipe all appliances
-  Vacuum & wash floors
-  Vacuum all carpets floors
-  Fire places vacuumed & hand wiped
-  Garage vacuumed, cleaned & dusted.

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